The Probate Process

We Can Help You with the Confusion over Probate and Settling Estates.

If you feel confused and overwhelmed by the entire probate process, we know from first-hand experience you are definitely not alone.

If you are the Executor or Administrator (also often referred to as the Personal Representative) that is faced with the duties of settling the estate this can be a stressful and very daunting process.

While you are in the midst of taking care of your own day-to-day life, you are also dealing with what is a very emotional time for everyone involved.  Suddenly you have the enormous job of doing what is necessary to settle the estate. In most cases, this will include selling a house and other property in the estate. Just having to get the property ready to sell can be a huge job by itself.

Breaking Down the Probate Process.

This process can seem pretty overwhelming and can also be confusing. Many people are unfamiliar with the probate terms. Timelines are unclear, and they just find the whole process frustrating. They are overwhelmed, and emotions are raw.  Unfortunately, what happens is that they do nothing; it’s just becomes too overwhelming to move forward and take action.

I want to help you understand how the probate process works in a simple and easy way!
  • Someone passes away
  • There is a petition for probate
  • The probate court in your county decides who will be in charge of settling the estate. One of two things will happen –

*If the person who passed away had a will, the person named in the will is the Executor of the estate. (Testate)

*If the person did NOT have a will, the court appoints someone to act as the Administrator of the estate.  (Intestate).   This person will usually be a family member.

  • The executor/administrator are given letters testamentary by the probate court which allows them to sell the assets of the estate to pay the creditors.
  • Once the creditors are paid, the heirs receive their inheritance
  • The estate is closed

These are the 6 basic steps for settling an estate.

Should I get a Probate Attorney?

In most cases, the answer is yes. You need a probate attorney for most or all of the legal and county probate court work.  The probate attorney becomes even more important in settling an estate depending on how complex of an estate you have to settle. There are many variables in individual estates.

One of the huge advantages of working with Extreme Home Solutions, LLC is that we can help you navigate this entire process. We are experts in probate and have been doing this since 1995. The closing attorneys and title company we use when we buy houses know all of the ins and outs of probate. We only use real estate experts and we work with them on all of our closings.

Who Should I Choose? Work with the Experts.

We have been helping folks involved with probate properties and settling estates for over two decades. We know that every situation is unique, but most of the procedures and challenges will be something that we have seen before. I am certain we can help you navigate this process and sell your probate house.

This is a difficult time for most people. There is a long list of things they need to do to settle the estate. Additionally, they may have a house to sell that is outdated or needs a lot of expensive repairs.

As the Executor or Administrator of this estate that is in probate, you might not be in a position to spend the money on the repairs needed to list this property. Perhaps you just don’t have the time or the money to invest. You just want to sell this probate property “as is” and be done.

You’re in Luck…We Buy Houses in Probate!

This is our area of expertise. We buy houses in estates “as is”, we pay all cash and offer a hassle-freeclosing, so you can move on with your life.

What If You Just Can’t Face Cleaning Out the House?

It’s not uncommon for houses that are in estates to reflect the last years of that person’s life. Many folks are “keepers”. They keep everything. Or to put it another way, they haven’t thrown anything away in decades.

Family members can end up spending months looking for anything of value, or important paperwork they might need. Many executors and family members get to the point where they just close the door and walk away. Finishing this job is just something they can’t do. What happens then is that the property just sits there for months.  This is typically the one thing holding up the process of getting the estate settled.

The Good News: You Don’t Have To Do It!  We Do It For You!

Cleaning out the house is something that we will do for you. That’s right; as part of our offer we will finish the job for you. You can take everything you want, and we will take care of the rest of it. Most people feel very relieved! We Buy Houses in Probate!

Not Sure Exactly What You Need to Do Next?

No need to worry. We buy Houses in Probate! Once we have reached an agreement to buy your property, a member of our team will determine what still needs to be done to sell the property. Together we will get everything finished so you can move forward.

  • If that means removing the rest of the belongings from the house – we will do that.
  • Is there furniture or old cars that can be donated? We will take care of it.
  • Does the house need repairs and updating? You can just walk away, and we will take care of everything.
  • Are you unsure what paperwork still needs to be completed to close out the estate? A member of our team will get the answer for you.
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